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E. Lab - Desktop River Styles Analysis


Introduction to Topic

In this exercise you will take the principles discussed in the lecture on river character and behavior and learn how to apply them to specific reach types. You and your group will fill out the proformas at your assigned site(s) to the best of your ability prior to visiting these sites in the field this afternoon. 

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of geomorphic approaches to catchment-scale analysis of river systems as a biophysical platform for coherent and proactive river restoration planning – show how the River Styles framework presents a scaffolded approach to address these issues
  • Through lectures, laboratory exercises, field visits and discussions, develop a working knowledge of Stage 1 of the River Styles framework (river character and behaviour, analysis of catchment-scale river patterns)

Exercise Materials

Proforma Sites

Sites have been selected as representative locations for the analysis of river types (i.e. River Styles) in this exercise, and the analysis of river patterns (tomorrow). Two sites will be inaccessible (sites 1 and 2) and will only be used in the river pattern exercise


Site Locations - Logan River Watershed

Preview of Proformas for Each:

Day 1 - River Styles Proforma Sites

Group Assignments

Each group will be responsible for filling out the pro-formas and to make field presentations at the following sites:

  • Group 1 - Site 8
  • Group 2 - Sites 3 & 5
  • Group 3 - Site 9
  • Group 4 - Sites 4 & 6
  • Group 5 - Site 7

Other Resources

  • Brierley, G. and Fryirs, K. 2005. Geomorphology and River Management: Applications of the River Styles Framework. - Blackwell Publishing.
    • See p 271-272 (§ of Chapter 9 of Brierley & Fryirs (2005) for information on how to fill out proformas ahead of time.
    • See p 274-285 (tables 9.7-9.9)of Brierley & Fryirs (2005) for examples of completed proformas
    • See Chapter 4 of Brierley and Fryirs (2005) for techniques to describe river character and nomenclature