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B. Approaches to Analysis of River Character and Behaviour


Synopsis of Topic

The River Styles framework is a geomorphic approach for examining river character, behaviour, condition and recovery potential. This provides a physical template for river management.  This lecture focuses on an overview of step 2 in Stage 1 of the framework: "Definition and Interpretation of River Styles".

Why We're Covering It

Much of Day 1's focus is on understanding the physical character and behavior of rivers - a key underpinning of Stage 1 of the River Styles Framework. Without an appreciation of how to analyze river character and behavior, sensible classification of the drainage network into River Styles cannot be performed or effectively interpreted. 

Learning Outcomes

This topics helps us with the following learning outcome for the workshop:
  • Through lectures, laboratory exercises, field visits and discussions, develop a working knowledge of Stage 1 of the River Styles framework (river character and behaviour, analysis of catchment-scale river patterns)


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