Welcome to the River Styles - USU Workshop  website. 

River Styles® is a geomorphic approach for examining river character, behaviour, condition and recovery potential. This provides a physical template for river management.

Enrolled Grad Students & Participants:

This website is the primary hub of resources for the River Styles USU Workshop. By the end of the workshops, all workshop materials will be posted here for you to refer to after the course.

Prospective Non-Student Participants:

Total participation is capped at 25 participants to ensure quality instruction. No sit-ins will be allowed and all participants will need to register.

Prospective Grad Students:

Total participation is capped at 25 participants to ensure quality instruction, but graduate students will be given first priority. All graduate students will need to register on Banner (CRN: 45776).

ICRRR 3-Day Workshop Organization

The Logan ICRRR workshop is organized by the Intermountain Center for River Restoration and Rehabilitation at Utah State University and hosted by the Department of Watershed Sciences and the Fluvial Habitats Center.

Workshop Partners

The workshop instruction team is led by Professor Gary Brierely of the University of Auckland and Dr. Joe Wheaton of Utah State University.


River Styles®  is a registered trademark and this page is not part of the official River Styles website. This workshop has been put together with the help of Gary Brierley and Kirstie Fryris, with Gary as one of the primary instructors. The full 5-day River Styles Short Course is offered in Australia, and 
this workshop is not a substitute for the official River Styles Accreditation (process of becoming an official River Styler). However, this workshop will give participants a working knowledge of the River Styles framework.